Ordering instructions

* After placing an order on the website, please join if it is convenient

Line ID: 01223355697
WeChat ID: b01223355607
WhatsApp: 07762603716
We will notify you when it will be sent after making it,
Or we will contact you by e-mail

* payment method:

In addition to online credit card payment, alternative payment methods include:
1. Bank Transfer
2.TWD Payment
3.WeChat Payment

*Shipping time:

After the transaction is completed,
expect shipping within a 4 day period,
Once completed you will be notified,
If you want it to be sent earlier or later
Please leave a message
Free shipping for purchases over 40 pounds
Generally packages are sent using Royal Mail Second Class
which takes 3-5 days to deliver,
Request to send First Class (limited to 2 kg),
Or sent via a private courier (received within 2 days),
Please note that you need to subsidize the postage, thank you!
Please include the correct recipient English name, address, mobile phone number
Disclaimer: we are not responsible for errors
4 days after it has been sent, please let us know if you have not received it,
If received by a reception service,
Please ask if you have received the package,

All products need to be ordered, to be freshly baked!



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