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Shopping Q&A

1.Is your pastry a single price ?

Answer: Yes, in addition to using the best natural ingredients to make, plus the British basic salary, packaging materials and Royal Mail £3.10 pounds, to calculate the cost of pastry , Can not be compared with domestic prices, just like pearl milk tea to the United Kingdom, it will be adjusted with local living prices.

2.If I haven’t received the package within one week after the notice is sent, what should I do ?

Answer : 4 days after mailing, if you have not received it, please let us know, if it is received by the school Reception Please first ask if you have received the package. If it is determined that the courier company lost the package, we will re-send it. In order to prevent it from being lost again, please trouble to supplement the signature mail fee. Thank you for your understanding.

3.What are your contact methods ?

Answer: You can join

Line ID: 01223355697

WeChat ID: b01223355607

WhatsApp: 07762603716

or E -mail:


Convenient to inform you when it will be sent after production

4.Will you What are the payment methods ?

Answer : In addition to online credit card payment, and PayPal, can also be :

One. use bank transfer.

Two. Taiwanese payment

Three. WeChat payment

Four. Cash

Tell me the payment method you want, we will charge it according to the exchange rate at that time, thank you !

5.Is your delivery time ?

Answer : after ordering After the order transfer is completed, it will be sent out in about 4 days later, and the mailing time will be notified after completion. If you want to advance or postpone, please leave a message to inform, thank you !

6.Which mailing company do you choose ?

Answer : Normally 2 Less than 2 kg, use Royal Mail Second Class mail, received in about 3-5 days, more than 2 kg will be mailed by private express kg.

7.If you want to send a courier or request to send First Class(limited to 2) under kg, is it okay ?

Answer : If you want to send First Class(Limited to 2kg), or sent by private courier (2 days ), Please note that you need to subsidize the postage difference, thank you !

8. How much do I need to order to get free mailing postage?

Answer : Due to inflation and increases in the cost of pure hand-made products, we have had to cancel the offer of free postage for larger orders. Our principle is to use natural ingredients and maintain quality hand-made and freshly baked products. It is our vision to promote and make Taiwanese pastries popular in the UK. Thank you for your support.

9.If you give the wrong shipping address ?

Answer : Once again, confirm that the address you gave is correct. It must be the correct recipient's English surname and name, address, and mobile phone. We will not be responsible for any errors.

10.Do all your products need to be booked?

Answer :Yes, we all make it manually after receiving the order, to ensure that it is freshly baked !

11.How do you all pack pastries ?

Answer : For health reasons, no preservatives are used, but in order to ensure that the pastry delivery process is fresh and hygienic, we use KOP bags with deoxidizers inside, which can extend the shelf life of pastry 5 times , Please rest assured to use.

12.Do you have Facebook and Instagram?

Instagram account: kangchiaobakery