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Kang Qiao Bakery started to study in 2012 how to use natural ingredients in the UK to make milk egg white Chinese pastries, so that everyone can eat delicious and healthy, I am very happy to be able to Like and affirmed by Chinese and Chinese students, I have been to the University of Cambridge and the Chinese community in Cambridge to teach the sun cake, I have been interviewed by Epoch Times and Cambridge University’s CamPlus, and the Chinese Overseas Students Love Foundation of UoExeter Cooperative sales, these are beautiful memories. Although the process of chasing dreams is very difficult, those who have dreams and stick to them are the happiest.



Societies, I will have the courage to interview Kangqiao Baking Workshop and share my life experience and entrepreneurial stories with you, hoping to encourage more people so that these young people can reduce unnecessary detours in the future. You can also contribute to your life.


*Kangqiao Bakery is very grateful for the interview with Epoch Times. I am from Taichung, the hometown of Taiwan’s pastry. Because of my passion for food and my deep love for my hometown, I have been working hard to promote traditional Taiwanese pastries in the UK. I hope Through exquisite dim sum, more Westerners can understand the food culture of the Chinese, use food for diplomacy, and warm up the wanderers in foreign countries.

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