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Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea & Mochi Pastry

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Kang Qiao Bakery Workshop Video

This is a video about a Kang Qiao Bakery, bakery that makes hand-made Taiwanese pastries in the UK,

I want to share with you the history of hard work in the past few years,
I felt a lot when I made this film. Since I started my business in 2012,

Although the process was not easy introducing Taiwanese pastries to the UK, over time I became more and more passionate about spreading the Taiwanese culture and was once invited to teach sun cake at Cambridge University.

Combining the Western innovative designs using fondant in combination with Pineapple Cake fuses the two cultures,
bringing a young, new direction for the future of Chinese cake.

Let With a dream of English afternoon tea combined with a flavour of Chinese pastries!

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